Pastel Bow Choker Machinegun
  May 6th 2018 10:36am
I spent one week of this submission period mixing an album I recorded for my friend, tourmate, and collaborator, Watabou, and was inspired to finish this song I started in 2013, as it includes some exclusive, used-with-permission samplez from the recording session I worked on for this EP

I hope you like robotic blast beats, mangled noises, and gabber kicks.
(One person raises their hand enthusiastically... and it's ME)

Really really wanted to do MIDI and MT32 like is expected of me, but life has been particularly difficult. At least what I started can go toward Summer Chip, if we get the right formats (^o^!)
Creative Commons License

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Level 19 Chipist
post #99039 :: 2018.05.06 12:58pm
  BubblegumOctopus and kleeder liēkd this
Even though you didn't manage to submit into those categories, this track really makes up for it imo!
Level 23 Chipist
post #99096 :: 2018.05.06 4:41pm
  BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
Haha damn this is a great mix of dissonant chaos and minimalistic melody. Very well done as always man.
Level 16 Mixist
post #99217 :: 2018.05.08 4:03am
  BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
This is very unique! Love me some gabber kicks hitting me at high speeds.
Level 9 Chipist
post #99880 :: 2018.05.16 3:28pm
  BubblegumOctopus liēkd this
I think something's wrong with my phone, it's playing at double speed.

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