Opposing Centuries
  Aug 5th 2019 6:40am
Kleeder: The initial idea of this track was to use both the Channel F and TIA-soundchips and combine them. Since they're very limited, we decided to use more effects and also add another TIA-channel and one PCM channel.
So we ended up at 4 Channel F channels, 3 TIA channels and 1 PCM channel (used for String chords and Slap Bass).
I had a lot of fun working on this and if someone wants to make actual hardware for this to be played on, i'll give them ... 56 boons ;D

GoldenDenis: This was a fun project. It was an interesting challenge working with the limitations that we set, and it gave me ideas I might not have had otherwise and influenced me to use techniques that I wouldn't normally use.
The song itself turned out great. I feel that it's got a good variety of stuff in it and it's overall really catchy. DBZ FOREVER!!! !!! !!! !!!

Here is an archive containing the intermediate stages of the song's development: http://dusthillguy.ddns.net/folder/files/quickupload/opposingcenturies_progression.7z
Creative Commons License

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Level 3 Mixist
post #113233 :: 2019.08.06 11:54am
  ovrthrustr hæitd this
  kleeder liēkd this
kleeders a fucken legend man.. thx for this awesome tune!!
Level 19 Chipist
post #113369 :: 2019.08.13 12:49pm
  GoldenDenis and kleeder liēkd this
that's my kind of wild chip
Level 23 Chipist
post #113544 :: 2019.08.20 1:05pm
  GoldenDenis and kleeder liēkd this
Combining soundchips is a real neat idea for wildchip. Great work!

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