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solar power 
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burning pants 
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Northern Dragons
  62nd/169   Σ25.296   Aug 2nd 2014 11:49am
not sure how well this works structurally ( ¯w¯) well, here ya go

in the synclisten this line of text is going to be a stand-in for my holiday in wales, i'm going to post lots of screenshots and you're going to sit through every single one of them as i describe them in detail
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post #46567 :: 2014.08.02 6:29pm
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i recommend listening to this in nsfplay because one of the squares makes this really cool braid pattern

braids are celtic

wales is like, kind of celtic but not? i have no idea what wales is like, i've always just thought of it as cold england

so i just looked up a map of great britain and there are some parts of england that are further north than wales! it turns out i was thinking wales and scotland were swapped

anyway, celtic braid, really cool, nsfplay to see it, go check it out, like comment and subscribe
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post #46584 :: 2014.08.03 4:24am :: edit 2014.08.03 4:25am
  kfaraday, Flaminglog, raphaelgoulart and mootbooxle liēkd this
"was thinking wales and scotland were swapped"

that's okay I can't even place a single US state on a map
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post #46585 :: 2014.08.03 5:22am
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post #47171 :: 2014.08.17 8:49am :: edit 2014.08.17 8:49am
  gotoandplay, Lukas Eriksson and kfaraday liēkd this
I'm not sure what to think of your tunes, kfaraday. They are way too chaotic for my taste, but I can't help but to appreciate the amount of creativity that is at display. Y u do dis to me?! :S
Level 19 Chipist
post #47174 :: 2014.08.17 10:24am
  kfaraday liēkd this
Where is the chaotic part you are talking about? :)

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