Nightly Atmospheres
  Mar 7th 2019 12:06pm
Made using the free modules available from the web page, mainly Audible Instruments and Bogaudio stuff, together with Rampage for the envelope madness it can do.

As per vcv entries usually, the audio setup might need some fiddling (module's near the top right, just set it up to your sound devices to get sound out of this)

Also, for some reason the rampage envelopes might not trigger on startup, so I suggest you trig them by hand (the red buttons with TRIGG written next to them)

It could've done with a bit more modulation stuff but I ran out of screenspace to keep it all under control so.. this is what it is :)
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post #108865 :: 2019.03.07 12:12pm
  argarak liēkd this
The mp3 is a near 10min recording of me twiddling a couple knobs, with the beginning fade-in being just raising the mixer volumes and whatnot.

I think I twiddled with the wavetable oscillator, resonator, and a couple other things along with perhaps the delay timing. The file is as it was in the end of my messing around
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post #108872 :: 2019.03.07 1:45pm
This is very relaxing. Very good for studying.

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