New Ways
  Dec 27th 2018 10:31pm
Another SPC700 Chip that still always loved!
This song made from a Game Version and Chill Romantic Grass Theme. This is Franchiest Song ever made!!
There is a new upcoming game for you!

And there is better condition. That AMK Driver still are on my favorites, The feature of the game uses SFX, etc...
Seriously That SNESMOD had Clipping Problems. nvm

Samples from Yamaha Motif Drums, Kirby 3, DKC2 and various

Tools used was made.
- OpenMPT 1.28
- AddMusicK
- OpenSPC
- BRRPlayer
- Notepad++

Yeah, I love SNES Music!

Source .IT
Source .MML (Can be released on January 4?)
Creative Commons License

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Level 20 Pixelist
post #106325 :: 2018.12.28 9:17am
Omg, this is lovely wtf
Also nice melodic bassline and very clear-sounding samples

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