Nameless Key
  Apr 11th 2019 9:30pm
I've been occupied with the 21-Day Composition Challenge, but I still wanted to get an entry in here.

MilkyTracker, no interpolation.
Creative Commons License

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post #109672 :: 2019.04.11 10:22pm :: edit 2019.04.11 10:33pm
  Galgox liēkd this
WOOO! I can't put to words how happy I am to listen to more Galgoxcore music!

These are some uplifting, cute and catchy melodies you came with there, your feat here wasn't only to make every bit of your song worth it, as you have always achieved; but also making your 32k module sound as satisfying as your full-sized XM!, It has most definitely to be my favorite 32k module out there!

Thank you so much for composing music, I'm immensely grateful of what you have composed this far, I can't help but feel in debt by how positively has your music influenced me over the years, also in making me feel more confident on being open with my emotions

Thank you

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