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  4th/71   Σ28.060   Oct 13th 2017 11:48pm
Well good day my little pandas!!!!!

By popular request, here is the damn sauce!
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Level 23 Chipist
post #91254 :: 2017.10.14 1:04am
  AugustusBlkheart, anewuser, MiDoRi, Zillah, ViLXDRYAD, Dimeback, raphaelgoulart, RazerBlue6 and Strobe liēkd this
Damn man, instant classic. Sounds like an intro for some crazy space shooter or something. Your soundscape is killer, really nice wide sounds! This is the kind of track that could work on non 8bit games like wipeout, unreal tournament, quake etc. Of course I can picture some crazy demoscene shit to this... Back and delivering quality musiqs!
Level 30 Chipist
post #91255 :: 2017.10.14 1:06am
  anewuser, b00daw and th4 D34D liēkd this
Thanks for those kind words :D most of what i do is "soundcape" and "abuse", so i'm glad when it works ;)
Level 22 Chipist
post #91256 :: 2017.10.14 2:31am
  anewuser, MiDoRi and Tobikomi liēkd this
Level 18 Chipist
post #91257 :: 2017.10.14 2:44am :: edit 2017.10.14 4:02am
  anewuser, MiDoRi, Zillah, Quirby64, Salsaraujo, Tobikomi, ViLXDRYAD, Dimeback, raphaelgoulart, Zlew and th4 D34D liēkd this
System OvErRrLoAdz

Also, Strobe and d34d collab when
Level 23 Chipist
post #91258 :: 2017.10.14 2:57am
  Strobe liēkd this
I approve of your usage of 7-bit period noises
Level 16 Chipist
post #91262 :: 2017.10.14 6:37am
Intense, I wanna watch the movie that this track goes to :)
Level 30 chipist
post #91269 :: 2017.10.14 8:30am
  pedipanol, raphaelgoulart, Zillah, Quirby64, Grumskiz, ViLXDRYAD, RazerBlue6, Doxic, Strobe and Sinc-X liēkd this
hello, friend! excellent first entry to BotB! (i noticed that you are level 3 already, great job!) incredibly massive sound you have squeezed out of the gameboy. but, i was wondering, have you ever used the gameboy composing tool "LSDJ?" it has samples built right in! you should give it a try, and be sure to integrate some "ghetto kit" into your track! (it always helps)
Level 30 Chipist
post #91272 :: 2017.10.14 10:30am
  pedipanol, Dimeback, raphaelgoulart, Zillah, Quirby64, Grumskiz, ViLXDRYAD, Sinc-X, Chip Champion and Doxic liēkd this
hi mr.champignon! i just found out about this Place ^___^ i don't know what this LSJD is but i will check it out, thanks for advice, do y ou have Skype can i call you?
Level 21 Chipist
post #91273 :: 2017.10.14 10:40am
  gotoandplay, MiDoRi, raphaelgoulart, Quirby64, Grumskiz, Sinc-X and Strobe liēkd this
hi strob im your biggest fan, I'm a whopping 6 and a half feet in diameter and can cool your whole house down please buy me at ikea
Level 23 Chipist
post #91276 :: 2017.10.14 12:09pm
This sounds like something TITAN would do if they made demoscenes for the Gameboy.

Oh NO, I'm-a gonna lose!
Level 22 Mixist
post #91278 :: 2017.10.14 12:35pm
  RazerBlue6, raphaelgoulart, DBOYD, Quirby64 and Salsaraujo liēkd this
Guess who's back, back again
Strobe's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess who's back, guess who's back
Level 24 Chipist
post #91279 :: 2017.10.14 1:03pm
  Strobe liēkd this
  Sinc-X hæitd this
Oh nos he submitted it in VGM format, I am very allergic to Gameboy and NES VGMs.
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #91280 :: 2017.10.14 1:09pm :: edit 2017.10.14 6:30pm
  Doxic and th4 D34D liēkd this
a s🥑urce 🥑f this w🥑uld be helpful t🥑 learn stuff :D

n🥑 w🥑rds, really amazing track! :'D
Level 21 Chipist
post #91285 :: 2017.10.14 3:55pm
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Not even

Level 15 Chipist
post #91293 :: 2017.10.14 6:23pm
  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
  ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
maybe i should have had strobe help out with music for my entry
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #91295 :: 2017.10.14 6:30pm
fixed :')
Level 30 Chipist
post #91302 :: 2017.10.15 12:16am
  MiDoRi, Sinc-X, Zillah, b00daw, ViLXDRYAD and th4 D34D liēkd this
Level 26 Chipist
post #91306 :: 2017.10.15 9:30am
  Strobe, ViLXDRYAD and Chip Champion liēkd this
I got the beat to match up with your avatar >:D
Level 14 Chipist
post #91323 :: 2017.10.15 6:26pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this
I gotta top Zlew's comment.

Level 22 Pedagogist
post #91326 :: 2017.10.15 7:18pm :: edit 2017.10.15 8:01pm
  DevEd liēkd this
12-16-13 6-21PM³
Level 22 Pedagogist
post #91337 :: 2017.10.16 8:58am
btw thanks a lot for the source!, you are the man! :'D
Level 23 Chipist
post #91513 :: 2017.10.23 5:54pm
  b00daw, anewuser, MiDoRi, DevEd, Strobe and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
I've ported this to DevSound so there's finally an export that works in real hardware. You can get the .gbs and hw render here
Level 19 Pixelist
post #91768 :: 2017.11.03 6:20am
Holy shit, this might be the sole reason why i NEED to finally buy Everdrive for my GBC

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