My Cool Telephone
  Jun 28th 2018 6:06pm
My first entry!
This was more of an experiment than anything. I was bored earlier this week so I went through some of the music from the recently-released Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC and cut out any clean samples. There weren't many, so I mostly ended up with drums and drum loops. I did get a few cool ones though, like the tuba used in this song (I think it's a tuba? It's some kind of brass, at least). The only samples that didn't come from the Octo Expansion music were the dial-up and phone sounds.

I wanted to make it longer, but I couldn't do much more with my very limited abilities. Overall, I really liked how it turned out, even if it's a bit minimalistic or loopy. I think it sounds sort of like a character introduction theme or something, which is pretty much what I was going for.

Also--I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, so any sort of constructive criticism/feedback/thoughts/tips/suggestions/etc would be super helpful.

Program used: OpenMPT
Creative Commons License

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  nentennex liēkd this
I still need to play the Octo-Expansion. I really like this!

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