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Moonnight Reminiscence
  118th/215   Σ20.653   Jul 16th 2018 8:55am
Firstly, this was recorded from a 3DS. I tried every possible way I could to record the audio directly but nothing would fucking work so I ultimately used my phone to record from the 3DS speakers. As such the quality is pretty shit, but I couldn't just not submit anything after all my effort.

I made this using Warioware DIY, which for those unaware, is a sort of successor to Mario Paint. You can use it to make shitty microgames, shitty 4koma, and most importantly, shitty music.
It's kind of special to me, because it's basically how I learned to compose. After spending countless hours of my teenagehood bashing out 'musical' nonsense, I eventually began to understand musical theory through trial and error.
So to honor my roots, I decided to enter wildchip with a Warioware DIY composition ...instead of just using it as a second NSF+ like I always do lol
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post #102109 :: 2018.07.16 8:59am
  Melon liēkd this
this is great!
the quality is okay, but it's weird, that line-in-recording doesn't work? :(
Level 19 Chipist
post #102110 :: 2018.07.16 9:12am :: edit 2018.07.16 4:17pm
  kleeder liēkd this
I think there's probably just something broken with my computer :p
It's observably a piece of junk in many ways, but particularly with sound. The headphone/microphone jack doesn't work most of the time so I have to use usb instead. And at some point the Stereo Mix functionality magically vanished and I cannot bring it back.
It's inability to record audio is probably related.

I also tried recording directly with my phone (iPhone 5s) and my other 3DS, but unfortunately neither of those devices like to use audio input from anything other than their built in microphone.
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post #102111 :: 2018.07.16 9:18am
  Karmic and Melon liēkd this
technology sucks .-.

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