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  Aug 11th 2017 11:27pm
The year was 1986, and it was near midnight. it was a cold stormy night, plus some showers. My friends and I were celebrating a snobby kid's birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's. My friends and I were too busy playing Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga that we forgot that it was the bugger's birthday. The snobby kid's name was George, and he rubbed his wealth in everyone's face. At his birthday party, however, he told everyone about how good he was at memorizing the different characters' names.

All the kids hated George, but they loved him because he had some of my favorite gaming consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Commodore 64. My one friend playing Ms. Pac-Man wasn't a big Nintendo fan, for he loved the Atari 2600 to bits.

As George kept shoving his wealth in the children's faces, he told everyone that his dad was going to buy him a new game for the NES, called the Legend of Zelda. This gained my interest, as I heard him from the arcade area. Oh man... the Legend of Zelda, I've heard my brother say that the game was really good, and that you get to play a knight named Zelda and that you need to fight some bacon monster...? I don't know, think my brother was drunk on Kool-Aid.

That didn't matter, for I told my friend's that I was going to steal George's copy of the Legend of Zelda and keep it as my own. My friend's were worried, for that they said that George is a big SNITCH and that he would call his dad up so he can handle the situation. I told him that I can steal it without him noticing, so I dressed up as another rich kid and tried to walk in the party.

Then, some other kid that whispered my legit name persuaded me into finding ways on how to get his NES game without getting caught.

"Hey... Stanley! You want that game? I can help you! For only $2.99 I can give you tips on buying the game!"

So, I gave him $4.00, and handed me my change.

He then explains to me how to get the NES game. The plans were:
1. Disguise myself.
2. Wait 'til the show starts so that George is distracted.
3. Act like a secret agent.
4. Combine the first 3.

I thought that option #2 was the most logical, since George loved to see Chuck E. and his friends perform their skits. I know because I've been to his previous parties, and they were s***.

I thanked the guy, and asked for his name.

"Just know... that's I'm a friend. Stay cool, mah brotha."

He then vanished through the door leading to the women's bathroom without noticing.

So... this is it. I'm gonna steal an NES game from a rich kid for the first time. Wish me luck.

To be continued...
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