METAL (according to somebody who doesn't listen to metal)
  Mar 18th 2017 11:59am
I rarely listen to metal, so here's a thingy which like
24% counts as metal iguess.

Another thing with FamiTracker 5 Beta and Deflemask, with some really quiet "ooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo"s in the background because metal totally has that right??? I have no flipping clue rip me
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Phekkis - Doom's Day v2
Level 16 Chipist
post #80898 :: 2017.03.18 12:10pm
  Quirby64 and cyancoloneels liēkd this
This is bad; I guess you could say that you're now... DOOMed!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA....haha.... oh fuck all o' y'all!

Lol jk; but I find this unique, and you have my approval.
Level 18 Chipist
post #81311 :: 2017.03.23 10:06pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Hahaha yeah that definitely has the e1m1 "at dooms gate" feel. Pretty cool piece Quirby, although the buzzing distortion is a bit shrill and overpowering, and if there was a snare drum I couldn't hear it at all. Nice upbeat vibes!
Level 19 Chipist
post #81332 :: 2017.03.24 9:58am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
Ye, that was basically how I ended up working on this song - I had two others I was trying to do (one in Beepola(!) and the other in OpenMPT), but both didn't get past one or two patterns besides.....the kinda sounds like DOOM one! rip meh
also, theres no snare, just the kick drum to keep da beat! \.O.v

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