Low Byte
  Jan 24th 2019 1:57pm
Before i got new level up. I made another 24K Tune.
So i'm working some Famicompo Pico 4 Entires. :)

I decide to make this fro the NDS Styled.
Riped some SCC+ Waveforms.

YuDS Sound Driver Spec
- Based on NDS SPU
- IT2DSPU (IT Converter to NDS Sound Binaries)
- YuDS Jukebox (Nintendo DS Music Player)

Settings on MPT
- Linear (2 tap)
- 16 Channels Stereo
- No Stereo Samples
- Up to 64Kb per Sample
- Up to 192000Hz Rate

Tools used was made.
- OpenMPT 1.28
- Winamp for Ripping Wavetables
Creative Commons License

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Level 9 Chipist
post #107146 :: 2019.02.03 7:17am
Ooooh, really interesting. I know nothing about NDS sound hardware, but i'm guessing this can be played back on a DS? Or something? If only i knew how that all worked...

I personally think the drums in this module sound a bit dull, but the length/content of the module really make up for that! :)

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