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cool breeze 
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face melt 
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hawt night 
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sweaty morning 
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sun in pants 
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Leopard Seal Ice Golf
  157th/230   Σ21.078   Jun 26th 2019 11:27pm
This is the theme music to the secret final boss battle in the little-known 1995 SNES game Arctic Putt, a precursor to the better-known Polar Golfer, a Windows based video game released by WildTangent in 2004. Though Arctic Putt was one of the most visionary games of the 1990s with its combination of golfing gameplay and visual storytelling, it unfortunately was taken off shelves after only one day, due to licensing disagreements. However, I was lucky enough to be there at that moment, before it vanished from the market.

After all the twists and turns of the main story, in the final boss battle, you go 24 holes with a leopard seal, on a golf course made entirely of ice. If you lose, he tears out your liver and kidneys, bites off all your limbs, and leaves you to die on an iceberg. You have only one life, so you get sent back to the beginning when you die. However, when you make it back to the final battle, all the corpses of your previous attempts lay strewn around the course, and if there are enough bodies stacked up, you have to aim your shots around them to make par.

When I played this game way back then, I had no idea if this song had a name. However, after looking through the assembly code on the cartridge, I found the intended title of the song. Even so, this song will always represent "Leopard Seal Ice Golf" to me, so I'll let the title remain a mystery.
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Level 24 Chipist
post #112737 :: 2019.07.18 2:32am :: edit 2019.07.18 2:32am
+fav for the specific years in the lore; the song is cute too
Level 15 Chipist
post #113409 :: 2019.08.15 12:12am
so evocative!
Level 23 Chipist
post #113684 :: 2019.08.23 11:47pm
  tennisers liēkd this
those poor bastards...

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