Level 16 Chipist
SNES/Super Famicom

cool breeze 
57th Σ4.797

face melt 
60th Σ4.641

hawt night 
67th Σ4.685

sweaty morning 
69th Σ4.591

sun burnt pants 
31st Σ4.804

Lengi lifi ananas-pizzan/Orsök
  54th/166   Σ23.517   Jul 29th 2017 9:53am
This song was made shortly after an infamous international incident. It was intended to be my submission for SPC Echoes 2; instead I submitted a different song.

Lengi lifi ananas-pizzan is a daytime summer song, and Orsök is a nighttime summer song.

psycopathicteen's code to generate two operator FM wave samples is used starting around 1 minute in.

Pattern data: 11397 bytes
Sample data: 21456 bytes
Instrument data: 320 bytes
Envelope data: 1224 bytes
Header size: 616 bytes
Echo region: 22528 bytes
Total: 57541 bytes

Module Length: 137/200
Patterns: 55/64
Instruments: 64/64
Samples: 64/64
Creative Commons License

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Level 23 Chipist
post #88806 :: 2017.08.04 9:59am
  AugustusBlkheart liēkd this
THis is pretty cool man, it sounds very spacey with that heavy echo. I think it would definitely be fitting for a trippy space level!
Level 18 Criticist
post #89498 :: 2017.08.21 12:44am
  AugustusBlkheart liēkd this
Those are some good echoes.
Level 16 Chipist
post #89798 :: 2017.08.28 7:12am
Thanks. For anyone who may be interested, this
is a version without frequency modulation.

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