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torch light 
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dungeon pants 
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  45th/46   Σ10.674   Oct 16th 2019 10:34pm
This is not Dungeon Synth but I want to submit something so I can get feedback and get better.

Made in FL Studio with magical 8 bit, famisynth and nes vst.

I did try to mix this one, take it for a spin!
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Level 30 Chipist
post #114860 :: 2019.10.17 3:23am :: edit 2019.10.17 3:24am
  pandavova liēkd this
there are several major battles every year without a theme or one where this entry and your other one fits.
intentionally ignoring the theme not only gives you downvotes and lets you end up on one of the last places, but its also scrublike behaviour.

you can also get feedback on irc/discord for example.
if you really want to get feedback and get better, don't submit unfitting entries to a themed battle on purpose, but either try to aim for the genre or skip this major and wait until winter chip is happening.
Level 10 Mixist
post #114862 :: 2019.10.17 3:47am
Honestly I have tried the discord and I don't get much feedback there.

I have gotten some response but not much.

Also I don't agreee with this being scrublike behaviour since I don't know the genre.

A better response from you would've been a link or something that shows how to compose Dungeon Synth. Also everything in life doesn't have to always fit in a freaking box to be acceptable as good behaviour.

And yes I have found videos about Dungeon Synth but I haven't found any about how to compose it.
Level 30 Chipist
post #114863 :: 2019.10.17 3:59am :: edit 2019.10.17 4:00am
asking beforehand for good resources on how to compose in a specific genre is the way to go. just submitting something different instead doesnt feel like youre trying to understand this genre imo.
i cant link you a tutorial on how to compose dungeon synth, since i dont know one. if you dont know the genre, dont submit. if you wanna make something for this theme, ask questions regarding that. just going like "this is not dungeon synth" at the beginning of your description doesnt really help.
something like "i tried to do dungeon synth but i got this instead, pls give me feedback on how to improve this entry to make it sound more like the theme" would be better

"Also everything in life doesn't have to always fit in a freaking box to be acceptable as good behaviour."
no, but as part of a musical contest with specified rules, i dont think its good behaviour to intentionally break these rules.
Level 10 Mixist
post #114864 :: 2019.10.17 4:19am
  tennisers and ovrthrustr liēkd this
I don't intentionally break the rules, your are wrong. I tried to figure out Dungeon Synth for a while and it didn't come natural to me at all since I don't know the genre at all. In the end this piece cam natural to me.
Level 17 Mixist
post #115652 :: 2019.11.14 9:11am
  kleeder liēkd this
damn timo with the police paragraphs over here. i mean this is probably the least dungeonsynth track in the whole compo maybe besides the drawing of pickle rick

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