Kalla läppar kallar dig
  Nov 3rd 2019 8:26am
Jag är en ande av gammelskog
mina ulvar hungrar nu, hungrar nu
Liket under torra barr
Kalla läppar kallar dig, kallar dig

English translation:

I am the spirit of the old forest
my wolves are hungry, so hungry
A corpse under a dry larch
The lips of cold are calling now, calling now


Wow it was *hard* to come up with this short song. Despite its apparent simplicity, Dungeon Synth is pretty difficult as a genre! Thank you mr. puke for such an interesting choice :)

Now that even Strobe has awoken from his deep slumber I felt it was appropriate to participate in a major battle again.

Song: cce
Poem: Kallu
Creative Commons License

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Level 17 Mixist
post #115681 :: 2019.11.14 10:24pm
i love this

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