May 25th 2019 11:28am
Originally was going to be a more rock based song instrumentation-wise, but I ended up sticking to chip. It worked, what can I say? ;p

"jealousy, oh youre always tryna get the best of me
take away my brain, lose my sanity
thats just the way things roll

oh walking out, my body may be here inside im outta town
missing in action, but when im not around
itll take its toll

make me understand the reason why you try to make me feel alright
what about you, are you alright?
i can only hope"

FUN FACT: Me being crazy was hoping I could cram an entire vocal song into either 24k or (my admittedly impossible goal) 12k. Before it lost complete legibility and you couldn't hear what I was saying, it was at 64k. So close, yet so, so far. tl;dr thats why the starting instruments are so lofi
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Level 25 Mixist
post #111261 :: 2019.06.04 11:36am
  Quirby64 liēkd this
Rock enough
Level 27 Chipist
post #111506 :: 2019.06.11 1:53pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
the lo fi instruments actually work very well with the vocals
to the extent that itd be difficult to imagine it fitting in with anything other than the context you made for it
Level 30 chipist
post #111542 :: 2019.06.12 6:24pm
  Quirby64 liēkd this
reminds me of t e h w e e n

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