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NES/Famicom 2a03 w/ Expansions

solar power 
93rd Σ4.928

naked power 
125th Σ4.684

cool breeze 
62nd Σ5.122

face melt 
137th Σ4.298

burning pants 
150th Σ4.190

  121st/231   Σ23.222   Jul 24th 2013 8:28am
I am programming a game called Metallic Wing about the loneliness of being stranded in space. I started learning Famitracker/music composition specifically to try to make a gloomy/sci-fi soundtrack that fit the theme of the game. This track is my favorite attempt so far!
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Level 21 Chipist
post #30214 :: 2013.07.26 10:49pm
  homskillet liēkd this
You're getting all sevens from me.
Level 18 Mixist
post #30590 :: 2013.08.04 1:01am
  homskillet liēkd this
mos def gloomy
Level 5 Chipist
post #30766 :: 2013.08.05 7:58pm
thanks guys!
Level 22 Chipist
post #30808 :: 2013.08.06 9:57pm :: edit 2013.08.06 10:08pm
It's a hell of a lot better than my first bunch of compositions. You've really managed to convey that gloomy feel you were going for. Don't get too good, or I'll start to get worried.
Level 5 Chipist
post #30833 :: 2013.08.07 8:57am
  Interrobang Pie liēkd this
thanks man, I'm really enjoying doing this so far. I've been listening to some of the other entries though and it's pretty humbling. I feel like I am starting to get the hang of the actual composition part, but still have a long way to go in technical proficiency. the intricacy of some of the sounds I've been hearing has been making me nauseous... can't imagine coming up with any of it myself lol
Level 24 Chipist
post #31123 :: 2013.08.14 4:59am
  homskillet liēkd this
It comes with practice!! <3
Level 5 Chipist
post #31147 :: 2013.08.14 8:19am
I'm sure! it'd almost be unfair to assume that people got to where they did solely through natural talent and not through dedication lol. I actually think I've improved quite a bit technically-speaking since I made this song (a few months ago) but since this is the first song I made from scratch that I was actually proud of I had to submit it first :)
Level 24 Chipist
post #31279 :: 2013.08.17 7:23am
  homskillet liēkd this
You DEFINITELY have potential. Even already, this is a decent work of music you've produced. Keep working at that technical aspect, if this song is any indication you definitely have the basics down and the potential to become even better. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
Level 5 Chipist
post #31283 :: 2013.08.17 10:38am
wow, thanks a lot flaminglog! that is an awesome thing to say, I really appreciate it! I am really looking forward to getting some more work out there. I'm having so much fun working on the soundtrack for this game that it's becoming harder and harder to work on the actual game lol
Level 18 Chipist
post #31573 :: 2013.08.23 3:42am
  homskillet liēkd this
homskillet, technical proficiency hint: source-ftm peaking is not an uncommon thing with the famitracker crowd at all ;) buncha hackist so-and-sos...

Level 5 Chipist
post #31586 :: 2013.08.23 6:52am
good advice. I have done that a few times, but I should probably make it more of a habit. are those available on botb in any way? still learning the site, but I haven't seen any way to up/download source files, so I'm guessing not. I know I've seen a few people link to their ftm repositories on their profile page though.

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