Mar 17th 2017 8:58am
in what seems to be wacky tradition for this compo, here's my alt entry

i like prog if you couldn't tell
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Quirby64 - METAL (according to somebody who doesn't listen to metal)
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post #80787 :: 2017.03.17 12:48pm :: edit 2017.03.17 12:49pm
Ok not even going to try anymore lol

I stand no chance against something of this magnitude of awesomeness
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post #80793 :: 2017.03.17 2:15pm
  shinichi, RazerBlue6, Zillah and MiDoRi liēkd this
enter anyway >:C
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post #80798 :: 2017.03.17 2:42pm :: edit 2017.03.17 2:43pm
Ur making this so hard for me >:<x,sd

(I like fierce competition, hopefully i can make something good)
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post #80889 :: 2017.03.18 10:47am
  DalekSam liēkd this
Tool II
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post #80949 :: 2017.03.18 4:13pm
Such quality geez O.o
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post #81088 :: 2017.03.20 12:41pm
Damn dude! :D
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post #81135 :: 2017.03.21 8:33am
  DalekSam liēkd this
feels like it's lacking a melody. good backing tracks though. also seems like it's lacking a proper ending.
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post #81141 :: 2017.03.21 9:46am
I certainly understand why you feel that way, but the way I went about writing this was I was wanting to focus more on a groove & interesting rhythms. I've been on a Tool kick lately so that was something I wanted convey too - kind of more like an extended jam session with some cool grooves to bob your head to.

I'm not a shred player or a melodic guy by any means haha
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post #81310 :: 2017.03.23 10:02pm
  DalekSam liēkd this
Yess, another killer track mang. I can definitely hear the Adam Jones/Danny Carey vibes especiiially from :48-1:20!! I feel like if they heard that part, they'd look at each other and say, "wait, did we write this and black out? Is this us??" LoL. Totally reminds me of the local rock radio stations in the 90's. I love the epic section at 2:26.

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