Heat Shimmer
  Jun 27th 2020 6:08pm
The feeling of dragging your shoes across the asphalt, salt dripping onto your lips, hair stuck to your skin, as the road in front of you shimmers and distorts like a house of mirrors. The wind has stopped and there is no shade. You must keep walking.

This is my first ever BotB entry, and it's with a platform I'm still learning--I've only made 2 Genesis songs before. I dipped my toe into the FM synthesis a little more this time to try to get the sounds I wanted, and ended up keeping a fairly small number of instruments out of the many things I tried. It was a fun learning experience, and I hope you enjoy the results!
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Level 30 Chipist
post #123167 :: 2020.06.29 2:54am
this is beautiful, i love it
Level 7 Playa
post #123203 :: 2020.06.30 9:45am :: edit 2020.06.30 10:06am
Hello, Noxy!

This is a great first entry! I must commend the strong sense of immersion and scenery I feel you do build through Heat Shimmer.

Would you have fun by, I much look forward to listen at more music from you, through your artistic path! I am sure about that you are set to attain your desires, in!


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