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Happiness (VRC7 Version)
  42nd/60   Σ21.270   Oct 28th 2017 2:41am
Well this is nostalgic for me! I actually made this song way back in 2016 but revamped and released in 2017. Sadly that version is unreleased currently so I will release it somehow later. But this version is how I originally intended with a use of VRC7. This one sounds better in my opinion. Atleast it uses FM Synth. Haha. The music only uses 1 instruments for melodies. And the drums are just regular Konami Instruments. The MMC5 version also used Konami Instruments so... that's that. I don't know but this music doesn't sound good as I expected for me anymore. I could do something better. I actually made another music using VRC7 today but I actually didn't know this existed so I pass on that. Anyway, Enjoy!
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Level 9 Mixist
post #91738 :: 2017.11.02 8:54am :: edit 2017.11.02 8:55am
Cool ; ) Nice melody
Level 23 Chipist
post #91873 :: 2017.11.05 11:59am :: edit 2017.11.05 12:01pm
Nice peaceful vibes in your melodies! Sounds a little bit more unique than some of your previous entries. The breakdown at the end was nice. I think you could use a bit more variance in sounds and on the main lead melodies ... Motifs are nice, but perhaps some complimentary harmonies at times, could really help flesh out the piece and make it more interesting, or even having a second contrasting lead break out over the top of your motif lead. Anyway, keep it up and keep havin fun!

*Also really nice prosody!
Level 24 Chipist
post #92236 :: 2017.11.18 5:29pm
Sounds like a dating sim character theme, I like it

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