Guardman Gauntlet Theme
  Sep 29th 2019 4:16pm

A theme art for this tune:

Made with a cartoon drawings of myself.
Inspired for all things like music, a lot :-)

These of my favorites like...
Using a Commodore Amiga Computers
Tracker softwares like ProTracker and mostly in ScreamTracker 3, and for the rest is MilkyTracker (Wow, I Love This! :-))
And also I have my own Guardian on demand as well.
Creative Commons License

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Level 27 Chipist
post #114501 :: 2019.09.29 5:47pm
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He's got not one, not three, but TWO Infinity Gauntlets! Thanos doesn't stand a chance!
Level 12 Chipist
post #114944 :: 2019.10.20 10:17pm
I see, Tobikomi, you're right.

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