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post #57459 :: 2015.05.26 6:42pm
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The post office is currently punishing the fuck outta me. Multiple packages that have not updated tracking since the initial drop off 3-4 weeks ago. I understand this happens occasionally where the tracking is not updated regularly, but there are other packages dropped off in the same time period where the tracking looks like they tried to return the packages to me a few days after drop off, but then they go dormant again and are suddenly delivered 2 weeks later. Thankfully my buyers are all being very understanding. I normally fall into the "post office does not actually lose packages" camp (and I know there are always exceptions)but even the one time I got an international package returned to me after 7 months that never went anywhere near its intended destination, I was able to watch the tracking on it as it bumped around japan, australia, and other parts of the world not near germany. Something was going on at my local hub that week or so. I have talked to the postmaster on the phone and he is pretty mystified. I have a case in through the overall customer service office but that is no help at all.

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