Free Kraken
  Feb 9th 2020 4:59am
Another old tune I had lying around and couldn't finish half a decade ago. A slighty bluesy sea shanty chiptune. Because that's what the world needed.
But no more boring text, here, have some more good and or funny results when putting nautical terms into a song name generator:

- Early Morning Sinking
- Captain Of Nothing
- Ghost in My Shrimp
- We Shall Sink
- Don't Eat Shrimp Off The Sidewalk
- Can't Take My Ships Off You
- You've Lost That Heartless Shrimp
- Storm In Disorder
- A Lot Of People Tell Me I Have A Fake Shrimp
- It Hurts To Shoot Kraken From Your Seven Seas, But It's Necessary

If this song means "free of charge Kraken" or
"free the Kraken" is entirely left to your imagination.

That is all <3
Creative Commons License

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Level 26 Mixist
post #117682 :: 2020.02.14 7:20pm
  ko0x liēkd this
This is great! Love the sounds/composition.

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