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For Glory or Survival (Boss Theme)
  12th/166   Σ27.052   Jul 23rd 2017 11:43am
finally made the switch to defle for genisux ONLY LISTEN TO RENDER AS VGM DONT HAVE TEH SAMPLOX LOOLOLOL


Priscilla - No Quarter
*Attack twice and raise ATK. If an ally is at <15% health or KO'd, No Quarter may insta-kill and normal attacks will act as No Quarter for 2 turns.

Caden - Viper's Stance
*Take a Viper Stance and counter all physical attacks this turn and become immune to Ki type abilities. May Poison.

Mayla'ese - Panic Attack
*Randomly use three normal attacks, attack abilities, or potions.

Alioette - Maelicroux Accretion
*Unleash one of the 4 forbidden spells. Consumes all mana and Alioette becomes Exhausted for 3 turns.

Dresdin - Unsheathe Gsendovyr
*Release the cursed sword. Deals 20% damage to and Fears all enemies and allies. Wield Gsendovyr for 3 turns. Dresdin is immune to all ailments and cannot be healed with magic while in this state.
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post #88427 :: 2017.07.23 12:18pm :: edit 2017.07.23 12:19pm
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Alioette OP, pls nerf.

That's some very cool battle music. Well done!
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post #88728 :: 2017.08.03 12:01pm
Fockin rockin dude. Great energy and overall vibe! I definitely see this working as a boss theme, but I think it could also be really cool pre-title screen demo music, like showing the characters/game scenes. That A# at 1:55 was a bit jarring for some reason. It's in key, but it sounded off to my ears. But anyway, this is great as always CC!
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post #88735 :: 2017.08.03 2:07pm
Let's rock!
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post #89473 :: 2017.08.20 6:07pm
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YEs gOud
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post #89642 :: 2017.08.24 7:05am
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post #89661 :: 2017.08.24 4:09pm
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post #90037 :: 2017.09.03 6:07am
What did you mean .vgm version doesn't have the samples, they are all there.
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post #90040 :: 2017.09.03 7:49am
*not working in vlc or audio overload, all i have to test genisux
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post #90084 :: 2017.09.04 7:28pm
holy horny centaur i am indeed feeling it
intense fighting bgm
Level 24 Chipist
post #90290 :: 2017.09.10 7:39am
Nice ys + fzero combo

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