Jul 29th 2020 4:01am
It's a TED track made with TEDZakker (Commodore Plus/4)
I uploaded in .d64 format (with the TEDZakker Extra editor, and the "Flowing" track file), because the executable file doesn't work properly.

So if you wanna listen you should follow these steps :)

1. Start an C= Plus4 emulator (YAPE, VICE.. etc.)
2. Attach this .d64 disk image file
3. Load and run the Tedzakker Extra from the disk
4. (In the editor) load my track ("workfile")
5. Push the F1 and enjoy :)

Creative Commons License

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Level 4 Playa
post #124202 :: 2020.07.30 11:52pm
  Delest liēkd this
Ok, in the TEDzakker you used an instrument tagged as LONG BASS. There, if you call a $80 in the FRQ column, the next value should be different from $00. Reporting from the manual:
"80 : Vibrato. Next value below it holds: rate in 1st Nybble, amplitude in 2nd Nybble"
Choose how to fix it, or write here the value you're gonna choose for it, so I can put the tune on Plus/4 World as a correctly runnable one ;)
Level 4 Criticist
post #124203 :: 2020.07.31 12:32am
...oh thank you Luca, I'll try again within a hour (I think I leaved there the vibrato effect because I had some sound problem with the YAPE + Win10 /...or maybe that's a 'zakker bug, because sometimes the noise waveform missing from the 2nd channel, and/or the effects doesn't work properly. Anyway give me your mail ID, and I'll send the correct version.
Level 4 Playa
post #124205 :: 2020.07.31 1:19am
  Delest liēkd this

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