Final Twist
  Jul 14th 2020 7:56am
A melancholic 12/8 track created using both the 2A03 (DPCM channel goes used) and 4 PCM channels from OpenMPT, taking inspiration from composers like Shinji Hosoe. All of the PCM instruments were taken from Korg M1, except the birds sample which comes from Zero-G Datafile 2. I also added some post-processing such as panning, delay and mastering.

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Level 25 Chipist
post #123590 :: 2020.07.14 12:08pm
  fusoxide liēkd this
pretty nice, too upbeat to be melancholy imo
Level 22 Chipist
post #123640 :: 2020.07.16 2:30am
Would advice usage of vibrato and slide-ins/outs for extra spice. Maybe different pulse widths for the different sections helps as well
Level 5 Mixist
post #123641 :: 2020.07.16 2:37am
yeah in hindsight i should have added a little vibrato. as for your last sentence, well i dunno, the two pulse lead sections both have different pulse widths (0 and 1 2 respectively)

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