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  27th/30   Σ21.639   Mar 29th 2013 6:35pm
Looky here! I actually have a Metal Entry! Well... kind of... This song is actually from long, long ago, and it has never been released before.

I have chosen this one as my entry for the Metal section. The song was completed way back on May 2, 2005. I recorded this directly from the Playstation 2 (and it was created with Digital Hitz Factory, which means this came straight off of a real memory card as well), and it is presented as a raw recording (except for me cutting out the second loop), which also gives it a kind of audio cassette-like sound. It was never stereo to begin with.
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post #26231 :: 2013.03.29 10:34pm
  Slimeball liēkd this
This song was originally 20 minutes then? Oh my word.
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post #26241 :: 2013.03.30 6:46am :: edit 2013.03.30 7:09am
  goluigi, Doxic and Slimeball liēkd this
The original recording, complete with original fade-out (which is longer than 16 seconds), is just short of 20 minutes. The recording is brand new: it had never been recorded before, and I did it because I wanted to archive my PlayStation 2 music. Plus, this is my very first release of any music not made on a Mac or PC. On a different note, I did attempt a song in Harmony Assistant, but it never got far... plus, I wasn't completely sure how to interpret metal, and I was indeed using some random notation.
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post #26283 :: 2013.03.31 2:39pm
even kungfufurby's comments are descriptioncore
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post #26308 :: 2013.04.01 12:29am
Thanks for uploading this ;)
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post #26618 :: 2013.04.10 5:01pm
a very industrial sound to it. Listen the ost of tetsuo, the iron man 1 to compare/understand what I mean (Chu Ishikawa) eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OgUo9ROW5g but in general the entire soundtrack. that'd also be metal for me btw.

curious about that ps2 release (and in general music "games" officially released on consoles, what is it like?)
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post #26620 :: 2013.04.10 5:50pm
  anewuser liēkd this
I have Magix Music Maker, eJay Clubworld, MTV Music Generator 2, MTV Music Generator 3, and Digital Hitz Factory. The ones that I like the most are MTV Music Generator 2 and Digital Hitz Factory. The other three don't have as much customization as I would like... the idea is to be able to put in your own custom riffs. All of them have pre-made riffs to some extent, but I consider MTV Music Generator 2 and Digital Hitz Factory to essentially be my favorites. I actually still want to use some of that stuff as samples for my music, and I have actually ripped one already using the same method of recording.

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