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  1st/46   Σ29.940   Nov 10th 2019 8:21am

I did my best following the conventions of the genre!

Special thanks to Tobikomi for doing the cover illustration!

Had to run out and buy a D&D dice set lat night? Also, had the gf digging hard for some classic pencils. xD
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Level 30 Chipist
post #115478 :: 2019.11.10 9:09am
  puke7 and garvalf liēkd this
woah this is soo cool <3
Level 22 Chipist
post #115523 :: 2019.11.10 11:47pm :: edit 2019.11.10 11:48pm
  ovrthrustr and puke7 liēkd this
Originaly DS really hadn't this tabletop RPG visual, and most releases were on CD, or maybe vinyl (mortiis, burzum, summoning, der verbanten Kinder's Eva), and of course the genre wasn't even called Dungeon Synth. But we could find some "dark ambient" demos on cassettes (and the visual was obviously not like a RPG module). I think it's more recently, with the revivial of all this, also maybe because of the Stranger Things thing and RPG, that we saw this kind of visual (which is cool). (I don't say this to criticize, just for a kind of "historical diversion")

I did some RPG in my young age, and your picture is fitting perfectly for this kind of reminiscence. 7/7, I love it, it's so perfecty and genuine!
Level 28 Chipist
post #115541 :: 2019.11.11 7:58am
  VinsCool and Baron Knoxburry liēkd this
This was fun to be apart of! Thanks for the opportunity... and for making me discover a new music genre. Haha!
Level 17 Mixist
post #115644 :: 2019.11.14 7:45am
garvalf: so like i agree with you, and to me DS isnt really about tabletop gaming BUT
<b>B U T</b>
this picture is so fuckin authentic to modern bandcamp dungeon synth its like intense. like this is a picture from a bandcamp exactly, the way the j card is, the little angle its at, with the nerdy junk around it
Level 22 Pixelist
post #115658 :: 2019.11.14 10:47am
  VinsCool and kleeder liēkd this
This is just spot-on. Can't imagine this not winning the art category
Level 15 Chipist
post #115687 :: 2019.11.15 10:23pm
This is amazing!
Level 26 Mixist
post #115688 :: 2019.11.15 10:38pm
amazing phot

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