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  27th/108   Σ25.148   Aug 11th 2012 8:27am
music for porrrnos or something

spiritual successor to sweet sally gets her anus compod, this can be sweet sally gets her anus compod 2: double compod ALL the way
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post #19626 :: 2012.08.12 3:19pm
This is hot.
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post #19820 :: 2012.09.04 1:14pm
  jrlepage and Chip Champion liēkd this
WOW I didn't realise there was a cap for the tag length and so "all of your clothes will be removed" came out as "all of your clot" I@M SORRYY
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post #19840 :: 2012.09.04 2:33pm :: edit 2012.09.04 2:34pm
  puke7, Warlord, b00daw and Slimeball liēkd this
to best enjoy this song, please insert your own trite porno dialogue for the intro. if you cant think of something, i will provide an example:

sally: oh strobe! you are home so early...
sally: i wanted to surprise you with your favorite waffles, but im making such a mess!
sally: geez i got butter and syrup all over my shirt, its sooo sticky teehee!
strobe smiles wryly
sally: golly, i really need to change out of this....
strobe: oh dont worry sally, you can launder that right here in my apartment.
sally: is that ok with you? im so shy i dont know if....
strobe: oh dont mind me, just strip down out of that gooey mess and youll feel a lot better.

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