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This is the prologue to the events of Opus 4.

The last stars in the universe are dying, and those members of humanity who are not yet living in cyberspace frantically scour the universe for background radiation to keep warm.

(reading beyond this point is NOT necessary.)

The last stars are worshipped like gods, and vast sects of humanity, despite being billions of years advanced from our own time, completely neglect to maintain their educational systems in favor of simply putting their youth to work constructing dyson spheres around the stars that are not yet dead, and so fall into barbaric technocracies with no clear leadership.

For so long, humanity feared death by starlight, when their scientists discovered that their star, the Sun, would one day expand and engulf their planet. Of course, within only several thousand years of making this determination, they were able to flee their planet and colonize others. A few humans stayed behind despite the orders to evacuate, refusing to depart their planet until they absolutely had to.

And then the bravest of those humans, Jesse, fished out his ropy, fleshy, cock and slammed it down on the sun's expanding surface. Slamming down the molten hot rock he doona da ne H24( fk.e 4 _ em a e em honer bo bnag garkk53;35g
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fuck you
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head banging
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Those drums are very odd.

Fantastically composed tune you got here. :)

Can we has a .ftm file, plz? :P
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