Dancy loops Y19
  Dec 31st 2018 9:00pm
And again.

This is my first AdLib Entry. I did before New Year.
This song Dances Together when the challange starts.
Dancy Loops Challange Is a New Loop Year 19.

Tools used was WIP done by OpenMPT 1.28 after doing a Yu-Lib Demo song.

This is not have PCM in MPTM File

Creative Commons License

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Level 25 Taggist
post #106399 :: 2019.01.01 3:54am
why so short :(((
Level 10 Chipist
post #106429 :: 2019.01.02 12:42pm
  MiDoRi hæitd this
this should be .s3m. not .mptm.
Level 20 Chipist
post #106430 :: 2019.01.02 12:51pm :: edit 2019.01.02 6:54pm
  gotoandplay, MiDoRi and kleeder liēkd this
I'll be update soon with more parts and now with s3m format

EDIT: Yes. MPTM doesn't doing a PCM File
Level 20 Pixelist
post #106432 :: 2019.01.02 1:49pm
Notademoscener, as long at it doesn't contain PCM samples it's still valid. You can use either MPTM or S3M
Level 26 Chipist
post #106433 :: 2019.01.02 2:06pm :: edit 2019.01.02 2:08pm
  Savestate, raphaelgoulart and MiDoRi liēkd this
this is debatable, since you could apply things like Zxx filter / NNA / other it/mptm specific effects that currently will not have an adlib soundcard replayer for them

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