atari pokey sap

Covert Jungle
  Nov 8th 2018 7:02pm
ok so turns out rmt is really fockin complicated so i have to give my thanks to tobikomi for teaching me how to use it; you're a great dude, and this one goes out to you

probably the one i put the most effort into
unlooped, this sucker clocks in at 52.5 seconds
mainly tried going for a contra- or metal gear-esque theme here, hopefully it worked out in the end
used the pokey chip with 5 instruments (one blank for rests) and 20 patterns

update: yt version available to those who like visuals and/or liking stuff! https://youtu.be/Vs9FrJ7zWTU
Creative Commons License

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post #105217 :: 2018.11.09 6:40am
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Oooh! Very nice for your first POKEY!

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