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Col. Humpy Dumpkins and the Tingling Waterflowers
  309th/375   Σ18.724   Jan 26th 2014 10:35pm
Colonel Dan "Humpy" Dumpkins of the 16th brigade Camel Basin, South Morosa, Aimstein, of the New European Reich (NER) found himself walking through a newly detected wavelength -- a virgin field. A virgin field must be interacted with very delicately or it may pop all over. Be certain to take all standard precautions in detecting anti-matter presence. Keep in mind, life in anti-matter drones are only possible by others understanding that anti-matter and matter universes cannot exist together without unfathomably catastrophic consequences. Do not fall in love with or expect tangible relationships from anti-matter counterparts without some form of remotely sentient drone counterpart made by the development of anti-matter replicatory drones seeded in carefully from a quantum marvel speculum that does not annihilate while allowing for controlled annihilations of matter and anti-matter to burp the worms.

a fascinating natural phenomenon is the tingling waterflowers. No matter the species, the tingling waterflowers consume the excrement; and with a botanical tongue-like appendage cleans the orifice from which it was fed.

In his diaries it was found that Dumpkins would eat food just to take a load off on the tingling waterflowers. He only stopped when he began to be stalked by tingling waterflower fine at night as they tried to drag him out of his tents. He made a note to ask his wife to do the same thing when he was back base-side.
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