Clown March
  Jan 10th 2018 10:45pm
A song I wrote in a couple of hours yesterday.

I email my music teacher a lot of the music I wrote and I'm currently doing a music camp that my music teacher runs and he played it in front of the whole orchestra! Everybody only had nice things to say about it.

In the orchestra I'm playing first alto (hella yeah) and I scored a solo in a song called Dozolfan. It's a song my music teacher picked up while he was teaching in Afghanistan. It's a great piece and I hope this is too :)

btw my music teacher is like basically the best clarinet player in Australia and New Zealand, and he spends his time teaching people like me to be great musicians. It's a privilege to have met Mark Walton.

Also if you play the clarinet, saxophone, flute or the variations of those 3 instruments and live in Australia and New Zealand, you've probably heard of 66 great tunes. That was written by him.
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post #94696 :: 2018.01.22 12:52pm
  Minerscale liēkd this
Hey man, that's so great you're learning under Mark Walton! I used to play French horn in the MYO (about 18 years ago) and definitely saw his book floating around the woodwind players section.
Also, nice little ditty :)

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