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post #35437 :: 2014.01.11 12:36am
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Level 21 Chipist
post #35559 :: 2014.01.13 12:50pm
This was ... interesting
Level 11 Criticist
post #37391 :: 2014.02.16 7:14am :: edit 2014.02.16 7:16am
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Wow, kfaraday! Good job ripping-off Piastol's entry. Just because he didn't enter it earlier you can't just take his early draft and submit it! Shame on you!

Other than the plagiarising it is pretty good. Lacking instrumentational variety and depth though, you should get someone to look at that. My guess is that if you need tips just look at some other guys .ftms, for example the one you ripped-off.

Melody is solid, if at times a bit off-key (which is probably intentional) and a tad bit random. Great tune overall. 10/1 would listen again (when instrumentation has been fixed.)
Level 27 Chipist
post #37536 :: 2014.02.17 1:27pm
  Fearofdark, raphaelgoulart and Curious liēkd this
This is definitely giving me a headache for what's going on...
Level 30 Chipist
post #37537 :: 2014.02.17 1:58pm :: edit 2014.02.17 2:11pm
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clarification to voters: this isn't actually a ripoff and the piastol account is my alt account that i uploaded for a joke with curious's realisation w/ different instruments

(if you must vote down an entry please don't vote down this one!!)
Level 11 Criticist
post #37541 :: 2014.02.17 2:27pm :: edit 2014.02.17 2:34pm
  raphaelgoulart, maxvdub, KungFuFurby and kfaraday liēkd this
Hehehe. I'm sorry if I caused any confusion. That is what I get for trying to be funny I guess.

I thought it was quite obvious that I was being satirical with my comments, since they state 2 different things: the one this one states that kfaraday ripped-off Piastol and the one on Piastol's entry states that that one is a rip-off of kfaraday's entry.

Ah well, kfaraday posted the instrumentation edits I made on his alt account (Piastol) for some reason, I guess it is a social experiment: To see how the scoring will differ. Have a listen to both and vote however you feel. I'm just glad to be helping out kfaraday and his lack of making proper instrumentation. :P

(Oh, and you should totally vote down this entry since Piastol's is superior in every way! (If you are actually voting down one of them for being the same entry then you should actually not vote down this one, since this one is the original one.))
Level 24 Chipist
post #38757 :: 2014.02.28 7:45pm
The control part of the experiment is blown, so your data is shot. Good luck anyway. ;)
Level 27 Chipist
post #50155 :: 2014.12.05 11:45am
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