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  Apr 14th 2019 11:05am
Spent all night finishing up this WAD, just like last time lol...

This map is a little better fleshed out than my attempt last time, though the keen eye can probably still spot where I spent the most time and which parts of the map I rushed :). I also used some of the nifty Boom features and learned how to do some more advanced techniques this time around, may have gone a bit overboard though heh :P

This WAD uses Doom II as its base. I recommend playing this one in PrBoom+, though I did give it a test run in the old DOS Boom v2.02. It's not that long, should only take about 5-10 min to beat.
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Level 24 Chipist
post #109749 :: 2019.04.15 9:47am
Here's a playthrough if you'd rather just see it being played: https://youtu.be/tHz26EeKwzk

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