Level 20 Chipist
Amiga MOD

cool breeze 
76th Σ4.624

face melt 
74th Σ4.606

hawt night 
38th Σ5.065

sweaty morning 
71st Σ4.634

sun in pants 
75th Σ4.613

Buy, Sell, Trade
  66th/215   Σ23.543   Aug 5th 2018 11:39am
Ugh, I couldn't get much done at all like I was hoping for with the two week extension. I've been dry of ideas. At least I managed to get this one done. Not the best module I've made, but I'm just glad to have made anything at all.

Render recorded in ProTracker v2.3D clone with max stereo separation.
Creative Commons License

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Level 22 Chipist
post #102674 :: 2018.08.05 4:16am
  Galgox and kleeder liēkd this
the arps in the end segment go past Amiga frequency limit, but it sounds cool how it dips in and out
Level 23 Taggist
post #102690 :: 2018.08.05 11:41am :: edit 2018.08.05 11:41am
  Galgox liēkd this
no out-of-bounds frequencies anymore yes yes
Level 20 Chipist
post #102692 :: 2018.08.05 11:51am :: edit 2018.08.05 11:52am
  Robyn and kleeder liēkd this
@Robyn I fixed it, thanks for letting me know. I first submitted this at 5 AM and I was too tired to notice any mistakes, lol

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