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TIC-80 Tiny Computer

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Bouncy Ball & Puppie Panic v0.5 (demo thingy)
  83rd/112   Σ19.641   Apr 14th 2019 11:29am
It's myy hasty three day TIC-80 entry. Lights are flickering, walls are moving and you have to avoid getting bumped into a deadly red hazardous matter by all the balls bouncing around randomly. To make it more interesting bunch of puppies will be chasing the balls, try to not get in their way or they'll definitely kick your butt out of the sight! Every once in a while stars will start appearing and you get a chance to earn more points and lives by collecting enough of them within a time limit. To go with the RARE theme you'll be searching for a RARE artifact. There is also a chance that a RARE monster will appear. Quite RARE huh?

...well, half of those features don't actually exist yet because I had only three days to make it, but they SURELY will in the full version which I'll be uploading on the TIC-80 site when it's done. I'll try to remember to add a link here too.

Right now the game doesn't reward exploration too much (aside from getting to see the results of an amazing dynamic terrain generation system) so best way to achieve a good score (scores don't exist, it's only a time counter) is to just find an open area and try to survive as long as you can!

Planned features:
- Dogs can clear red stuff
- Dogs can vomit
- Power-up items (extra strength, resitance to knockback etc.)
- More enemies and a BOSS
- Minigame where you can grind for lives and score

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post #109709 :: 2019.04.14 11:56am
  argarak and Lia liēkd this
i dont get it, but i got a new highscore by literally doing nothing, so im fine with it
Level 16 Chipist
post #109721 :: 2019.04.14 1:24pm :: edit 2019.04.14 1:24pm
  argarak and Lia liēkd this
Seizure Warning
Level 25 Chipist
post #109723 :: 2019.04.14 1:32pm
oh my god

i don't understand this at all but i honestly find this incredible

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