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BotBuilder is a city builder/resource management simulator in the style of some crusty DOS game. Take your mouse and throw it in the trash can, because you won't be needing it.

Play the game in browser with no command line/web server/tomfoolery required here:

BotBuilder is a fairly complex game - please see the included manual (manual included in zip file, or available for download at the itch link) for in depth information on how to play the game. Your goal is to create a burgeoning city to produce 1000 badges and meld them into the mythical Golden Badge.

Basic commands/keys:

WASD/Arrow Keys to move. Hold shift and a directional to move quickly.

C/Escape/Tab - Enter Cursor mode.

B - Enter Build Mode.

T - Enter Destroy Mode.

M/Tab - Enter Manage Mode.

Space/Z - Interact with tile. Build mode builds the selected building. Destroy mode destroys the selected building. Cursor mode upgrades the selected building.

UIOP/JKL;/M,./ - Reassign trade amounts in Manage Mode. From left to right, keys contribute: zero resource trade, decrease resource trade by interval, increase resource trade by interval, maximize resource trade.

1-5 - In build mode, these keys select buildings. Buildings are: 1 - Ore extractor, 2 - Refinery, 3 - Badgery, 4 - Power Station, 5 - Market.

Please report issues with the game here:

Major kudos to MetricZero for helping with sprite manipulation/bashing, game testing, and manual writing!
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Level 15 Mixist
post #122579 :: 2020.06.14 3:41pm
  tfx liēkd this
cool game, took a little bit to learn but i love sims so this is my jam

needs some kind of adversarial force i think, but its definitely impressive as is
Level 25 Chipist
post #122589 :: 2020.06.14 5:18pm :: edit 2020.06.14 7:51pm
  tfx liēkd this
Seems cool in principle, but I'm not sure how exactly to play even after reading the manual, do i just have to have enough power and then the other stuff starts working, or do i have to have power station adjacent to other stuff?
Level 19 Chipist
post #122658 :: 2020.06.15 8:27am
There are no adjacency rules for the game. Power generated anywhere on the map is delivered to the entire city, so as long as your power production is greater than your power consumption, buildings will run and produce.
Level 16 Taggist
post #122970 :: 2020.06.22 2:36pm
  tfx liēkd this
Started out playing real dumb, read the instructions and got better.


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