Black uniform
  Jul 26th 2020 12:35pm
I always wondered how to make sunvox sound as chiptuney as possible. Well, I think I made it sound chiptuney enough to be considered wildchip, not fakebit (I've already submitted fakebit anyway)

This is not your usual sunvox track though - there is not even a single sunvox generator and sample involved.
For those who are interested how the hell this works:
this is the "unvox" technique -
Basically there is a pattern inside a metamodule, that contains a waveform as a set of control values that control Fine volume of an amplifier connected to an amplifier with max DC offset. By rapidly changing fine volume we can make some sound :D
From the track we control BPM of the metamodule (TPL is 1) to tune it.
All instruments, including pitchnoise are made using same technique.
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Level 12 Criticist
post #124670 :: 2020.08.05 7:06am
  mk7 liēkd this
I don't know any of the science of SunVox, but you made a neat composition. A little bit abstract for me but I can appreciate it all the same!

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