Biziness Major: Chip Tune Edition
  Jun 16th 2020 11:30am
Here is Biznisss major: Chip TUne Edition, by Yekans F.

I tried to come up with a better title for the song but thats' just "How the Wagon Wheel Rolls" some time.

Thanks Everyone from Yekans
Creative Commons License

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Level 7 Chipist
post #122751 :: 2020.06.16 3:45pm :: edit 2020.06.16 3:48pm
Couldn't render
.mp3 directly with zxtune so I don't even know how to turn an .nsf into an
Mp3 unless I write it into a .WAV file first. IDK is each first render okee? That's how you render your .mp3 or does botb do that automatically? Thx
Level 27 Chipist
post #122753 :: 2020.06.16 4:27pm
  Jakerson, sean, YQN, Why Wou ChipShot and kleeder liēkd this
writing it into a wav file is fine! you can convert it into an mp3 from there. thats how most people do it
Level 7 Chipist
post #122769 :: 2020.06.17 7:11am :: edit 2020.06.23 6:36am
Alrite cool zxtune does that I know for sure, thanx, I'll have this mp3 render done as soon as I get home. Thank for your help

Update: Zxtune Save As feature saves files directly to mp3. Thankx
Level 6 Chipist
post #123085 :: 2020.06.26 2:21pm
This particular one reminds me of a battle field :O

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