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    6.627   Jul 14th 2017 9:33am
A bunch of very basic, but high quality bread and butter synth sounds. Even though most of these sounds are rather basic, I really tried to get the best out of them. I thought it should be pretty useful to have a collection of basic synth sounds like these for a compo like this.

I used a bunch of different hard- and software to create these from scratch, like always. None of the sounds are overlapping and they are all tuned to C. I also didn't use any effects like reverb or delay, to make it easier for you to actually fit them into your song.

This bit is sponsored by raphaelgoulart (He gave me boons for this, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to upload another bit).
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post #88028 :: 2017.07.16 11:06am
Thanks, that's a really good set of sounds. Oh, and thanks that everything's in C, that was very convinient.

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