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shit in pants 
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Aurora Borealis
  52nd/80   Σ22.122   Mar 12th 2017 12:17pm
Flying over the frigid waters, you see hints of a green glow over the horizon...
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Level 12 Chipist
post #80271 :: 2017.03.12 11:29pm
As before, open with MSXPlug
for winamp or use mgsdrv+mgsel
in MSX-DOS2.

There is a hardware recording
available complements of ImATrackMan but as hardware was not available during composition, the mix is unbalanced. So it is not recommended.

There will be a 2nd version fixing that in the future.
Level 23 Mixist
post #80281 :: 2017.03.12 11:46pm
crazy stuff goin on here! those faux claps (?) are a bit distracting but it's very good otherwise
Level 23 Chipist
post #80304 :: 2017.03.13 3:20am
Siiick melodic progression. I really like the gated sounds with the pads, and the kick is working for the track, but those clicky foley sounds were mixed way to loud, making them sound out of place and unnerving. Otherwise this is a pretty solid track DG. Nice job!
Level 22 Pixelist
post #80354 :: 2017.03.13 2:07pm :: edit 2017.03.13 2:09pm
Very nice track, agreeing with other botbrs though, that clicky perc effect sits way too loud in the mix

Dunno how to feel about shit in pants category given the fact this stubborn clapping made me feel like pooping myself from frustration xDDD
Level 12 Chipist
post #80852 :: 2017.03.17 9:53pm :: edit 2017.03.17 9:56pm
Now that there wasn't such a rush, things have been retuned a bit. The PSG hardware envelope claps were loud before because ENV only plays at max volume. They are supposed to be quieter now due to an advanced trick where setting the pitch to period 0 will halve the envelope volume, but that doesn't seem to work in any kind of emulation.

Until IaTM can get this retuned recording which would be the _final_ version, have the current touch up

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