At The Speed Of Snow
  Jan 13th 2020 9:18pm
lol i couldn't think of a good name XD
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Level 8 Chipist
post #116982 :: 2020.01.14 1:42am
  Tobikomi liēkd this
Excellent creation
Level 30 Chipist
post #117308 :: 2020.01.31 7:08pm :: edit 2020.01.31 7:09pm
one thing i noticed, especially compared to the ted-tracks by phil and me, is that your entries for this soundchip always sound like you have complete control over the chip... like ... its doing exactly what you want instead of going crazy on a simple composition because your instrument design is fucked up (like its usually the case on our tunes lmao)

this doesnt count only for ted but its very notable here!
Level 3 Playa
post #117465 :: 2020.02.09 8:33am :: edit 2020.02.09 8:56am
  kleeder liēkd this
kleeder: being myself a TEDsound composer since long time, if you sustain some initial troubles about TEDsound's instruments, you can load a Knaecketraecker's file just to see the way other composers take to build'em up, 'cause we used to release both the .prg/.d64 files AND the source ones as .kps too ;)
Level 23 Chipist
post #117519 :: 2020.02.10 11:53am
  Tobikomi and kleeder liēkd this
Indeed an excellent creation, considering the chip's limitations extensive feature set.
And an overall neat composition, too.
Level 20 Chipist
post #117624 :: 2020.02.12 12:33pm
  Tobikomi liēkd this
that's the music to a very cool game! oldschool tension yay!
Level 15 Taggist
post #117822 :: 2020.02.20 5:03pm
Dude, you got your T&C Surf Design in my Blaster Master!

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