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Astrocados 0.5: Origins
  11th/14   Σ19.033   Jul 2nd 2017 11:59am
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post #87128 :: 2017.07.02 12:01pm :: edit 2017.07.02 3:32pm
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[14:59:46] <@BotB> NEW ENTRY :: ViLXDRYAD - Astrocados 0.5: Origins :: html5 ::
[14:59:46] <@BotB> Game Jam 2 now has 13 entries!
[15:00:09] <@sincx> !compo
[15:00:10] <@BotB> Game Jam 2 :: 13 entries :: voting deadline 6d 23h 58m 52s :: final results 6d 23h 59m 52s ::
[15:00:17] <ViLXDRYAD> LMAO

Astrocados 0.5: Origins - The Game That Rewards Your Patience!
Aim For The Highest Score! You Earn Points For Every Frame That Passes. Challenge Your Friends!!!

*May differ from the final product.

Instructions: this ""game"" is so unfinished it is split in three parts lmao; those are this:

index.html: this is the intro logo for the ""game""
opening.html: here goes the unfinished story and opening of the ""game""
and lastly the game.html: which was all we could go with lmao

Game controls:

Arrows to move
Z to pew

Development notes:
Developing this was a mess BUT fun overall, the most reason was that this game's savior; Merio had to work on his job this whole week and got absolutely no time for this game jam, and i was too n00b to work on the game's engine rip

Mudweed shared me his in-game music about 30 minutes before the deadline lmao

The Intro and Opening were coded on and works fine on the latest Windows XP's Firefox and noticed that on a modern pc:

In the latest Firefox as of now for Windows 10: the index.html file displays correctly BUT opening.html, it displays the portal with a wrong rotation offset, game.html displays just as intended.

In the latest Google Chrome as of now for Windows 10: the index.html does not display most of the animation, also the adds some separation to the final logo's text which was not intended while it displays the opening.html just as intended as well as the game.html

Enjoy it! =' D btw, i want to apologize Merio for all the discussions we had while on the development of this prod
Level 17 Chipist
post #87141 :: 2017.07.02 1:58pm
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26000 get?
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post #87172 :: 2017.07.02 9:16pm :: edit 2017.07.02 9:17pm
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This is line 9
This is line 10
This is line 11

Hahaha this was so unexpected, I couldn't help laughing
That music though.
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post #87281 :: 2017.07.04 7:41am
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post #87289 :: 2017.07.04 12:04pm
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post #87535 :: 2017.07.08 10:29am
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Making games is hard.
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post #87605 :: 2017.07.09 8:48am
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DQ, not ascii only gfx
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post #87607 :: 2017.07.09 9:26am :: edit 2017.07.09 9:31am
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not rendered graphics at all = ) all what you see in the screen is text; the game.html's ship uses a group of unicode characters to look as detailed give credits to merio to come with such awesome idea you can see the player is all text on player.css

also all what is saw on the intro.htmlare blocks of text, even the its background; try to draw your mouse when the css animation is finished = 3 and take a look at the intro.css to see how it works = D

so please, do not spread misinformation as only can do bad = c can you fix your tag at least? =' 3

edit: the theme does not only allow ascii BUT unicode overall, including symbol, blocks and even emoji characters tho
Level 14 Pixelist
post #87609 :: 2017.07.09 9:41am :: edit 2017.07.09 9:42am
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Xyz, before talkin shit, grab your browser tools and inspect how the game's done.

EDIT: "game" more like hack job
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post #87610 :: 2017.07.09 9:43am
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Also bitpack never forbade css and it clearly states unicode is allowed. ASCII sucks, unicode forever!!!!!!!!!!!

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