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  53rd/60   Σ18.846   Nov 5th 2017 3:26am
Some robots working in a futuristic world, and not understanding the goal of their living.

Made with Adlib Tracker II.

Didn't find the time to set up my OPL soundcard, so it was recorded from emulator on my MT50 4-tracks.
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Level 25 Chipist
post #91913 :: 2017.11.06 3:36am
  garvalf liēkd this
I really enjoy the base to this song, I just wish it moved more. It'd work really well in a game eitherway tho.
Level 23 Chipist
post #91955 :: 2017.11.07 10:52am :: edit 2017.11.12 7:51pm
  garvalf liēkd this
Haha what an interesting title. Sounds raad dude, very different from what I usually hear out of you, but still with signature elements of your style. Nice dark dystopian sound, it reminds me of A Clockwork Orange! Nice dark piece Garv, and interesting mix with the bass stabs remaining so present in the mix.
Level 22 Chipist
post #91972 :: 2017.11.08 1:47am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
thanks. Yes, I wanted to make more variety and variations but didn't find a real opportunity.

For the bass being always present, I was a bit inspired by the first track of this album: (awesome OST of the movie "Beyond the Black Rainbow"). I'm far from reaching this masterpiece's emotions and complexity, but it's a first try :)
Level 9 Mixist
post #92567 :: 2017.11.29 7:25am
  garvalf liēkd this
Nice track :D I liked the bass but yeah as you said yourself, this could have benefited from a little bit more variation. or maybe you could have condensed the track a bit making it a bit shorter. Nevertheless a fairly enjoyable piece. has a really cool dark vibe to it :D

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