Nov 3rd 2018 8:13pm
i wanted to make a fully realized, non-chip, Vocal Guitar Drums Bass metal song for this compo. i've never done that before, and it was really hard, but i'm extremely happy with how it turned out and i think i did a good job leaning away from my emo influence w this track. went for something doomy w cheesy satany lyrics because tropes are fun and i like my slow beats. enjoy

burn my flesh
burn my bones
urging death
on my throne
cut my scars
cut my eyes
curse this land
endless night

fire runs past my steed
devil takes over me
hundreds of thousands bleed into dust

their souls ebb through me
i lose control as i reap
fruits of my victory

what to do with my undead hordes
after transcending my mortal form
i’ve killed the sun, i am unborn
the quiet plains echo

now all is mine and it’s just not fun
no surprise, nothing i’ve not won
no one to scream or cry or run
from my wrath

Creative Commons License

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Level 22 Mixist
post #105051 :: 2018.11.03 8:16pm
  azurglade liēkd this
this sounds like youre pulling me backwords through time kicking and screaming

10/10 all 7s
Level 22 Mixist
post #105055 :: 2018.11.03 11:39pm
  azurglade liēkd this

i really enjoyed listening to this!
Level 25 Mixist
post #105223 :: 2018.11.09 7:51am
  azurglade liēkd this
I would love to hear this with live instruments. The vocals sound great! The composition is cool too.

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