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A New Character Of Brilliance
  8th/256   Σ29.308   Jan 13th 2016 5:28pm
Greetings fellow BotBr acquaintances.

Before I explain myself and this musical journey, I would first like to formally apologize for any previous entries that may have caused many circumstances such as:









-Anal dysfunction

~If you have suffered any of these side effects, (especially the aforementioned.... dysfunction...) and your anus has been tarnished by one of my previous entries, then you have my condolences for your once functional anus. (As well as any other torment you may have endured.)


You may have noticed the sudden increase of intelligence within my speech.

My IQ has substantially risen from 32 to 130 in the past day, due to my sudden choice to become a useful person and attend school.

This song I had in the works for a while, and just finished it. I hope that you can find enjoyment within it.

This, is the story of me, limkin park ass.


Chapter One - A Legend in The Making


0:00 - The time has come. I have begun to see a light shine from within the anus. Yes, it should become known, that I was in fact born out of an anus, which may explain my deep obsession with them.

0:27 - By the time I have reached the age of 12, I have become fully aware of the hatred and overall unkindness other individuals had against me. These words had truly struck my heart at that time and still occasionally do so today. I needed others to converse with and show my emotional feelings to. Thus, I had turned to various emo MySpace pages which housed other individuals with the same emotional experiences I was facing during this time period. However, on one specific day, whilst conversing with MySpace acquaintances, I had a feeling deep within the insides of my body that needed to urgently become released. I needed to defecate.

0:53 - At this point, it would be quite disturbing to describe what happened next, but all I shall say is, I had a vision. A vision of a heavenly figure, standing before my very eyes. Rai William Johnson. He spoke to me in a soft whisper, which sent a chill down my spine. "Limkin... you are truly the most gifted among any living creature that I've ever seen. The way your head hit the ground from a rapid excretion pace, was truly the most beautiful thing I have had the luxury of witnessing. Will you join me, alongside all of the other Rai-ists, to spread the almighty religion of Rai-ism?" To which I agreed.


Chapter Two - New-found Happiness


1:20 - My life finally had been given a meaning. I know what I saw in that bathroom that day, and I have never looked back. Rai Jesus spoke to me, and told me that everything would be okay, and that I, Limkin Park Ass, was truly a legendary being.

1:28 - I had never felt more joy. The thought of finally knowing my destiny was so satisfying. However, there was still a deed that was to be performed.


Chapter Three - Battle of the Bits


1:45 - Amongst my internet browsing, it was one day that I came across a humble website known as Battle of the Bits, which you're currently viewing this entry on! My first entry ever was for BotB's Summer Chip V, which contained a picture of Rai William Johnson with an emo hairdue, among other things. It was a completely harmless message that was trying to do nothing but spread the love of Rai-ism. Unfortunately, many viewed it as... as a joke. As satire. This confused me. I was slightly disappointed that people took my serious message so lightly. Thus, I concluded that the only way to get my message through to the community was to continue making entries.

2:28 - Several months had passed and no new signs of Rai-ism spreading. I was continuously losing hope and pride in my beliefs. Various users (I will not list specifics) had thought of my efforts to spread awareness of Rai-ism as a complete, utter joke. Apparently, my unique style of artistry was (and still is) seen as effortless and thoughtless nonsense. At this point, I was undecided if I should feel sorrow, or anger. Likely both.


Chapter Four - Education


2:56 - At this time, I was in a very conflicted state. There were many paths I could choose, but I was unsure of the outcomes. I chose the education path. I felt that a proper education could benefit me. So, I showed up to first grade with a pizza lunchables and lots of pride.

3:09 - With my newly acquired knowledge, I knew that there was some way to share my story.

3:39 - At last, I had felt peace. An ease of mind. My story has now been shared to anyone who wishes to read it. I hope you have learned something from this; I most definitely have.


~Epilogue~ (Pizza)



I've decided to include the start of an old project at the end of this song. This is to be seen as a reflection of what I once was. Pizza. No, I was not once a pizza, but I was once attracted to one. No, that's not right either... I was once attracted to a girl who liked pizza, and the DPCM is a memory of me asking her out for pizza.

...I never spoke to her again.



tl;dr: Anal Dysfunction

~Limkin Park Ass 2016

Creative Commons License

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.................i have no words.................
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post #62157 :: 2016.01.13 8:13pm
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actually good?
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post #62159 :: 2016.01.13 8:34pm
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limkin park ass. you are a pioneer in the modern age, i hope to one day be blessed by your pizza
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post #62173 :: 2016.01.14 9:59am
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Oh wow
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post #62179 :: 2016.01.14 2:30pm
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"limkin park ass has logged in" may not fill me with as much impending dread
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My anus has been destroyed.
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post #62977 :: 2016.02.06 8:50pm
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Very philosophical tune, made me think about life
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post #64334 :: 2016.03.01 1:11am :: edit 2016.03.01 2:21am
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that ending and occasional segues back into the opening progression is beautiful!

i have similar reservations with this that i do cheechee's nsf+ in that while there's a few strong ideas in it, the piece overall feels quite uneven in both quality and feel, although it can be forgiven for a collab account
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post #64749 :: 2016.03.06 2:24pm
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This is a shockingly strong performance, from my view. Congratulations on your high placement!
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post #84233 :: 2017.05.21 7:16am
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so if limkin park ass hit an iq of 130 with this entry does that mean every subsequent limkin entry is ironic??
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post #102081 :: 2018.07.15 12:04pm
chipchart reminded me of this

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