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A Gathering
  51st/216   Σ25.810   Apr 20th 2015 9:35pm

This took me easily five times as long to draw as last year's entry did.

Almighty Gear (Allgear): A god-like figure, but unfortunately plain in appearance despite his omnipotence.

The Deaf Mask (Deflemask): A very capable yet misunderstood tracker. He wears a mask and wields four weapons in his four arms. But he's got more weapons than that strapped to his back.

Famislacker (Famitracker): Didn't realize we were taking a picture, and was caught in the middle of a much-deserved nap. Fell asleep updating the help manual.

Mario & His Pants (Mariopantse): Mario's pants seem to have been given life by the fearsome necromancer Rainwarrior, and they're going on an extended run. "Wait, a-you crazy cannoli!" Mario yells in vain. "You're-a supposed to stop after-a twenty-four measures! This isn't-a right!"

Battle Artist (MixBattle Art): This talented girl doesn't feel like she gets enough respect for the hard work she puts into her craft. Sure, battle of the bits is a place for musicians. But artists deserve love too! She's sharpening her pencil.

The Open Empty (OpenMPT): This mysterious girl just wants to teach the world to sing. Despite her odd face, she's really quite friendly! She's carrying a satchel of samples.

Panda Attacker (PandaTracker): This fearsome girl is ready for battle at any time. Samples? Synth design? Creating new instruments? Nope! She's ready to go, and she's ready to go NOW.

Px-Tan (PxTone): This cutie is playing with her effects again, and she's very happy to be back! She's actually capable of using samples just like S.X. Moddy and The Open Empty, but she's shy, so she doesn't tell people about this outright! But if you're nice to her... she might just tell you how...

P. Noise (Renoise): It considers itself to be just as strong as Almighty Gear, but with better functionality since it's a tracker. Scoffs at what it considers to be "lesser" trackers, like Sunbot and The Open Empty. It's really pointy!

S.X. Moddy (Classic DOS Module): He's wearing his trusty microphone helmet in case anything nearby is making cool noises he could sample for another ohb. He REALLY likes one-hour battles. So much so that he's strapped rocket skates to his feet in case one happens, so it won't take long for him to get to it.

Sunbot (SunVox): A weird little contraption that's not very well-understood due to its new-age user interface. But inside, it's carrying a terrifyingly diverse arsenal. FM? Got it. Samples? Sure. Square Waves? Ha, try harder! It's helping Mario catch his runaway pants.

And the newcomer: Typer Beat (ByteBeat)!

Typer Beat went to the finest school money can buy, and is technically capable of producing any sound. But she has really high standards, so good luck getting her to like you enough to simply give up her secrets! She's a bit snooty, but will happily make time if all someone wants is another Sierpinski harmony.


We are Battle of the Bits, and we are the most powerful community on the internet.

What we do, we do for ourselves.

We battle not for blood but for glory.

Through conflict, we have forged strong bonds.

Each note rings truer than the last.

The cosmic echo shall in time reflect our souls.

When the aliens discover the ruins of human civilization, they shall be awestruck by the complexity and breadth of works hosted upon the noble botb server.

The twelve-fold path is walked by each botbr on their ascent.

The tracks of those who came before serve as stepping stones for the meek to become the mighty.

But the path to true ascenscion is a long one.

For while the mighty need only walk the twelve-fold path but once, the truly ascended must walk it eight times.

Only when all modes are understood is a botbr's growth finished.

But there are some ascended who seek higher powers still.

One day, a grand wizard shall be born. And on this day, the battle of the bits shall be forever calmed.

Until the true and final ascension, the battle shall rage on.

Spring Tracks IV. The beginning of the end.

Blood will FUCKING spill.
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Level 26 Mixist
post #56397 :: 2015.04.20 10:12pm
  Flaminglog and Sylveon liēkd this
Or you could be 12 girls in an office building with puke as the sole manager overseeing a world of musicians and visual artists (´・ω・`)
Level 25 Mixist
post #56399 :: 2015.04.20 10:35pm
  Flaminglog and Sylveon liēkd this
godddddddddddddddddd i love this style so much

do you have a hi-res version by chance?
Level 10 Chipist
post #56404 :: 2015.04.21 6:20am
Will upload shortly!
Level 24 Chipist
post #56405 :: 2015.04.21 6:48am :: edit 2015.04.21 6:49am
  Slimeball and mk7 liēkd this
Here it is!

I'm considering coloring this picture, but I'm not sure if it isn't better the way it is.
Level 23 Chipist
post #56407 :: 2015.04.21 7:57am
  Modus Ponens, xterm and WhiteCrow liēkd this
Well that should look good at 64x64

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